Burnley’s Best-Kept Secrets: Rental Houses in Prime Locations

Burnley’s Best-Kept Secrets: Rental Houses in Prime Locations

Whispered in hushed tones and concealed from common knowledge, there exist some secrets that are too precious to be shared. One such secret is the availability of rental houses in the prime locations of Burnley – the hidden gem of Lancashire, England.

Burnley – An Overview

Scenic hills, historical buildings, economic growth, and an overall high quality of life – Burnley is the embodiment of an ideal living location. Blending the best of both city living and natural bliss, this town offers a plethora of attractions from attractive green spaces and parks to a bustling city centre with thriving markets, art galleries, museums, and an architectural heritage that boasts of ancient times.

Secrets Revealed: Rental Houses in Prime Locations

In Burnley, there’s a property to meet every person’s taste and budget. But there are a few locations that stand out in the crowd – areas that combine convenience, comfort with the unique charisma of this Lancastrian town. Here’s unmasking some of these coveted areas.

Rental Houses in The Brunshaw Area

Brunshaw tops the list when it comes to desirable locations in Burnley. Encircled by Burnley Golf Club and beautiful parks, it offers a peaceful and serene living atmosphere. The area houses a mix of traditional and modern semi-detached and terraced houses. This makes it an ideal location for families, retiree’s and young professionals alike.

Properties in Lowerhouse

Another prime location for finding rental houses in Burnley is Lowerhouse. The area is close to both primary and secondary schools, making it a preferred location for families with school-going children. Lowerhouse also offers excellent connectivity to the city centre and quick access to neighboring towns via the M65 motorway, enhancing its appeal to commuters.

The Executive Neighborhood of Reedley Hallows

Reedley Hallows, known for its array of executive homes, is another one of Burnley’s well-kept secrets. With a selection of larger detached houses and bungalows, it’s a popular choice for higher-income renters looking for a luxury lifestyle. This area also has easy access to an extensive network of public transport, putting the cosmopolitan world of Manchester and the historical exploration of Leeds just a quick journey away.

Rosehill – East Burnley

In East Burnley, Rosehill stands out as a prime location. It attracts renters with its combination of highly-rated schools, recreational facilities, access to shopping, and its close proximity to Burnley’s city center. A close-knit community vibe, coupled with the availability of various property types, makes Rosehill an ideal location for families and city professionals.

Affordability and Quality – Cliviger

Last on our list, but certainly not least, is Cliviger – a spot that encapsulates affordable luxury. This peaceful village presents a variety of rental options with terraced, semi-detached, and detached houses being available at competitive prices. Its location near the stunning Cliviger Gorge makes it an excellent choice for nature lovers and those who appreciate a more rural vibe.

The Takeaway

Discovering Burnley’s best-kept secret, the vast array of rental houses in prime locations, is indeed like finding treasure. These areas offer homes that cater to a wide variety of needs and wallets without compromising on quality of life. Renting a home in these locations means you get to enjoy an enviable mix of community spirit, convenience, and connection to both the urban hustle and natural tranquility – the best of both worlds.

From its stunning Lancashire landscapes to its rich industrial history, from its vibrant social life to its burgeoning arts and culture scene, Burnley is indeed a promising destination for renters. Investigate these secrets for yourself and you might just find your dream home hidden among the pages of Burnley’s history.

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