Burnley’s Calling: Your Guide to Renting Houses in the Area

Visiting Burnley, nestled in the beautiful landscape of Lancorca County, can be a truly delightful experience. But living there? It’s nothing short of a dream, as you get to enjoy the slow-paced life, historic architecture and picturesque surroundings all year round. If you’re considering making this move, this post titled Burnley’s Calling: Your Guide to Renting Houses in the Area is perfect for you.

Finding The Perfect Home

First thing you should know when venturing in Burnley’s rental market is to have a clear idea about what type of house you need. Detached, terraced, semi detached, or bungalows, there’s a variety for everyone. This guide suggests you to jot down your requirements that can include size, number of rooms, locality, and even minutiae such as garden availability, parking spaces and more. Then, it’s time to find a real estate agent or website listing that operates in Burnley, and filter all their options based on your needs.

Neighborhoods in Burnley

Burnley has diverse neighborhoods, each one unique in character, amenities, and population demographics. Scan the area for the kind of vibe you want. For instance, Rosehill, with its well-spaced houses and lush green gardens, is a magnet for families. Harper’s Lane, popular among students, boasts affordable rent and a laid-back communal vibe. Areas closer to the town’s center, such as Brunshaw or Lowerhouse, are ideal for professionals due to their easy access to transport links and office hubs.

Understanding the Rent Structure

The rental structure in Burnley largely depends on the location, type and size of the property. A one bedroom flat in the center could range from £300 – £400 per month, while a three-bedroom house in a more suburban area could cost £550 – £650 per month. You may also need to account for additional costs such as utility bills, council tax, and possible service charges. It’s advisable to confirm these details with your landlord or agency in the beginning to avoid any unwelcome surprises later.

Rental Agreements in Burnley

Rent contracts in Burnley typically range from six months to a year and are signed between the tenant and the landlord or the letting agency. The agreement usually requires a deposit (typically around one month’s rent) which is refundable at the end of the contract, barring any damages to the property. Ensure you read the agreement carefully and understand all of its terms before signing it.

Access to Amenities

When renting a house in Burnley, consider its proximity to key amenities such as supermarkets, educational institutions, healthcare facilities as well as leisure and entertainment options. The good news is, most neighborhoods in Burnley have easy access to these facilities. Some areas, such as the town center, have bustling markets, restaurants, and entertainment venues right at their doorstep.

Tips for a Smooth Transition

Shifting to a new house could be stressful especially when it comes with responsibilities such as contacting utility providers, updating your address with various institutions and more. To ease this process, prepare a checklist of tasks to accomplish before and after your move. Also remember to check the condition of the house thoroughly during your initial viewing to avoid potential disputes at the end of your tenancy.


With its rich history, welcoming community, and abundance of natural beauty, Burnley surely is a place where one would enjoy settling down. This guide, offering an overview of what renting in Burnley entails, hopes to help potential newcomers carve their niche into this beautiful town seamlessly. Whether you’re a single professional looking for a chic apartment, a student wanting affordable shared accommodation or a family in need of a large, homely space, Burnley’s housing market has options galore to cater to your requirements.

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