Selling Your Burnley Home? Consider Real Rentals!

Selling Your Burnley Home? Consider Real Rentals!

The real estate market can be a complicated place for first-time sellers. Deciding on the best strategy for selling your property can be challenging, particularly in locations like Burnley that have seen significant property growth. Many homeowners have found success in opting for an alternative path – becoming landlords and entering the exciting world of real rentals.


Why Consider Real Rentals Over Straightforward Selling?

Selling a house is typically the go-to option for many homeowners, but it is not always the most profitable choice. Have you ever thought about real rentals? Several reasons could make this approach more appealing. Let’s delve into some of these reasons.

Steady Income Stream: Although selling a home guarantees immediate cash inflow, a landlord can take pleasure in the steady monthly income of a rented property. In Burnley, this monthly rate can often be a lot more than the interest you would get from a bank if you were to invest the money from selling your home.

Real Estate Value Appreciation: In real estate, value appreciation over time is a significant factor to consider. So, while you are receiving monthly income from renting your property, its value is likely appreciating, promising you a massive windfall when you ultimately decide to sell.

Tax Deductions: Homeowners can take advantage of a series of tax deductions, including mortgage interest, property taxes, and costs of maintaining the rental property. Renting also allows you to defer capital gains taxes if you plan to use a 1031 exchange when selling the property, which can save you a lot in taxes!


The Benefits of Renting in Burnley

Burnley holds a lot of promise for those considering getting into the rental market: rising rental rates, value appreciation, steady demand, and an excellent opportunity for capital growth. Plus, with its location advantage and growing economy, landlords will have no shortage of potential tenants.

Rising Rent Rates: Burnley’s rent prices have seen a steady increase over recent years, in line with its property growth. As a landlord, these escalating rates can factor into your rental pricing strategy and can help maximise your returns.

Steady Demand: Housing demand in Burnley remains high due to its promising location and employment opportunities. This demand means that vacancies are infrequent, ensuring a steady rental income.

Capital Growth: The Burnley property market has seen consistent growth thanks to the area’s ongoing development. This ongoing capital growth ensures that your real estate investment continues to appreciate long term.


Getting Started as a Landlord in Burnley

Becoming a landlord may seem daunting initially, but with the right guidance and resources, it can be a relatively smooth process. Start by seeking the counsel of real estate experts who know the Burnley market inside out. They can help you understand your obligations as a landlord and assist you in correctly pricing your rental property to suit the market conditions.

Understanding local property laws is crucial too. Properly screen your potential tenants using a reliable letting agency and ensure your property is well maintained and meets all health and safety regulations. Also, being prepared for the financial responsibilities that come with being a landlord, such as property maintenance, insurance, and tax obligations, is highly essential.



You might be considering selling your Burnley based home, but do consider the potential rental market too. With Burnley’s real estate industry seeing significant growth, this could be the perfect time to venture into the rental market. Remember, becoming a landlord is about long-term profitability. With the right plan, resources, and mindset, you can make this venture a successful investment.

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