Your New Home Awaits: Renting in Burnley’s Best Neighborhoods

Your New Home Awaits: Renting in Burnley’s Best Neighborhoods

If you’re considering a move to a place that combines beauty, tranquility and a sense of community, Burnley may have all you need. Nestled in the countryside of Lancashire, Burnley is a town known for its rich industrial history and the scenic views of the Pennine hills. This charming town not only offers an affordable cost of living but also boasts an array of great neighborhoods to choose from.

Choosing the Right Neighborhood

Much like every other town, Burnley has a variety of neighborhoods with unique characteristics. However, what sets it apart is that all these neighborhoods offer something unique and special. Here are a few neighborhoods worth considering:


A village on the outskirts of Burnley, Cliviger offers a peaceful, rural setting with stunning views of the Pennines. The homes here are ample and spacious, surrounded by unspoilt natural beauty, rolling meadows and a tranquil lifestyle. It’s the perfect spot for people who value quietude and serenity over the hustle and bustle of city living.


Towneley, known for the historic Towneley Hall and its vast parklands, is an ideal choice for lovers of nature and the outdoors. The neighborhood offers great rental homes, many of which enjoy the views of the park. It additionally offers fantastic walking and cycling routes.

Rose Hill

Rose Hill was once an important hub for the local textile industry and has now blossomed into a vibrant residential area. Its proximate location to the town center with easy access to shops, restaurants and schools makes it a favorite among families and young professionals.

What to Look for in a Rental Home

Once you’ve picked your favorite neighborhood, there are a few factors you should look out for before you make the final decision. These include:

Suitable Accomodation

Choose a home that meets your personal needs and preferences. Whether you prefer a house with a garden, an apartment with a view, a family home or a small, cosy cottage, Burnley has it all.


Consider the proximity of necessary amenities like supermarkets, schools, healthcare facilities and recreational spots. Having easy access to these services will immensely contribute to your quality of life.

Price Range

Before you begin your house hunting, it’s crucial to factor in your budget. Rent prices in Burnley range according to the location, amenities and the size of the property, so plan accordingly.

The Rental Process

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices, it’s time to dive into the rental process. It is generally straightforward and involves property viewings, submitting an application, credit checks and signing a tenancy agreement. Remember to read the agreement carefully or obtain legal advice to make sure you understand all terms and conditions.

In Conclusion

Burnley provides a quality, affordable lifestyle and truly offers something for everyone. With its beautiful landscapes, an array of unique neighborhoods and easy connectivity to nearby cities, it’s not surprising that more people are choosing to call it home.

Your new home in Burnley awaits you! Discover a place where you can make a fresh, rewarding start and enjoy a fulfilling lifestyle. Welcome to Burnley – a place to call home.

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